• Avid Price Increase

    These include the Avid NEXIS PRO, Avid NEXIS Enterprise E2 and E4, NEXIS Share Bundles, Pro Tools HDX, and several items in the S6 product line.

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  • Marquis Medway

    Marquis Broadcast are essential partners for companies with large-scale media movement operations, designing products perfect for keeping workflows simple, cost-effective and easy to navigate, with a particular focus on established Avid systems.

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  • Marquis Parking

    Avid is the industry benchmark in large-scale video production. But once all your data and content has been produced, where do you put it? And how can you manage archives that seem to be ever-expanding?

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  • Root 6 ContentAgent

    Large media productions rely on a vast, sometimes intimidating, repertory of digital file types and formats: audio, video, visual design and a myriad of other essential media formats must be accessed and organised into workflows for projects to run smoothly and efficiently.

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  • StorageDNA

    StorageDNA work with feature film, television and content professionals across the world to help them gain control over digital workflows. StorageDNA provide solutions to issues of backing up and archiving content, securing protection for digital assets, and browsing and retrieving important material.

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